Vegetarian Cafe In Cambridge Refuses To Accept The New £5 Note

The owner of the ‘Rainbow’ cafe in Cambridge refuses to take the new £5 note which contains traces of animal fat.

Sharon Meijland, the owner of the ‘Rainbow cafe’ restaurant, for three decades, has informed the customers that they won’t be able to pay with the new £5 note by putting signs up in her restaurant.


Photo By BBC News


Shortly after announcing the cafe won’t accept the £5 notes, it received a barrage of online abuse on their facebook page. One user on facebook commented: “I find it hilarious that you refuse to accept a form of legal tender. So what happens when the whole currency range switches? You’ll accept shrapnel only?” Other user wrote: “I will never go in that place again neither will my friends or family we are boycotting it spread the word.”

Mrs Meijland said that “The majority of customers paid by card but if they only had a new £5 note, staff would try to find an alternative and accommodate them in some way”.

Earlier in September, the bank of England has admitted that the new plastic fivers contain animal product when they replied to one user on twitter. That tweet caused a lot of anger among many vegetarians and vegans.


A petition calling the bank of England to remove the Tallow from bank notes was opened and more than 130,000 people have already signed the petition.

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